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Playing along with our
Suzuki Book 1 Practice

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Customer Testimonials
Very professionally done. I feel I'm going to do well with this
program. Thanks

I love this Item! I will bookmark this site, You are an excellent


Excellent lessons, the best and most clear I have seen. Highly

easy to learn , step by step , very good lessons--- thank you !!!

Excellent value for a beginner with no teacher. Fast shipping.
The Latest News . . .  
From Kim!
Hi guys!  Well, I am currently in the process of filming the
last two dvds for Level 1 and I didn't like the way the
lighting turned out in this video, so it won't be used on the
dvd.  However, the video still has some useful tips, so I
decided to include it in my selection of free videos.  A lot of
people have trouble with poor tone quality and bow
bouncing, so this video will address those issues.
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Previous Posts
I just made a new video for you guys!  One of my violin stars students found an
awesome Violin Flash Card site where you can practice your note reading!  Now, I
know that can be tricky for some of you who are just starting out, so I recorded
myself using the site.  I'll warn you ahead of time, the video is not GREAT because
I was holding the camera in my right hand and trying to use the mouse with my left
hand . . . hehe!  But it worked, and if you need help with notes this site will be just
what you need!  The link to the site is   
"I feel that music is one of God's greatest gifts
to us.  There are no words that can touch the
human heart the way music can.  However, it's
important not to give the music itself the glory,
but to recognize the One who gave it to us.  It
is a wonderful gift.  I am so thankful that I had
the opportunity to learn how to play, and it
brings me great joy to share the gift of music
with others"
Kim Walters is a 27 year old advanced violinist and talented teacher.  She
began learning the violin at the age of 17 and quickly decided that it was
her greatest passion!  She then spent the next 6 years practicing the
violin and studying all of the books and videos that have ever been made
for violinists.  She has played in many different local orchestras and was  
one of the featured soloists with the Port Townsend Community
Orchestra in 2008.  Kim has taught violin classes in many of the local
schools in her community, in addition to giving private lessons.  She has
a simple, easy to follow teaching style and she specializes in teaching
adult beginners.
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Violin Stars Scholarship
Kim is currently looking for a few star students to join the Violin Stars Scholarship Program.  To apply,
please download the attachment below and send the information to Kim.  

Scholarship students must be willing to complete weekly assignments and they must be willing to
share their progress with our online community.  Scholarship students will occasionally be featured
on our website and facebook page.  

Keep in mind that Kim is not necessarily looking for students who are talented.  She is looking for
students who have a passion for music, a hunger to learn, and the dedication to work hard!  No
previous music experience is required.

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will become a full time online student and you will
receive all of your tuition for free.  

Note: the scholarship is open to students of any country, the application is outdated.  Lessons will be
downloaded online instead of mailed to you.
Scholarship Program is Currently Closed!  Check back later for openings!